Hello Coral! Fresh, vibrant, humanistic. Let’s welcome March with Living Coral 16-1546; Pantone’s choice for 2019’s Color Of The Year.

Coral…a vibrant and lush blend of orange, pink and red. This is a happy color!

In 1950’s New York City, Pantone began as a commercial printing company; formatting swatches so customers always knew how certain colors would print.

In the late 90’s, The Pantone Institute announced the first Color Of The Year. Subsequently, at the beginning of each new year, the ‘it color’ is chosen based on cultural trends and color forecasting inspired by fashion, the beauty and interior design industries.




Coral colored fabrics are the perfect compromise for any space without being cutesy (pink), too daring (red) or bold (orange) and whether your palette leans more towards warm skin-tones or vibrant, rosy shades, coral will make itself at home in any decor or color grouping. Wake up a neutral living room with a punch of coral, through accent pillows, drapery or ottomans. We love using Pantone’s Living Coral outdoors, too, on patio furniture without worrying about sun fade or moisture..it will stay bright and clean all season!


pantone living coral fabrics


Some of our coral faves from 1502…fabrics shown from left to right:

Kate Spade Posie Dot Coral, Yanga Peach, Zwirner Persimmon, Pyle Carnation, Dax Coral and Applause Henna


Pantone Color Coral Fabric


Bring Pantone’s Living Coral color to life this year with suggested palettes and ideas from The Pantone Institute.

Click here for exciting Living Coral Color Harmonies!


living coral pantone color harmonies


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