Announcing Pantone’s 2020 color of the year…Classic Blue! Blues of any hue are imprinted on our minds as the perfect, restful color. In fact, blue could be considered the world’s favorite color.

Think about blue…do you count it as one of your favorites and why?


Classic Blue Pantone 2020 Color


Classic Blue Interiors


Try pairing different shades of blue together and don’t get hung up on being “matchy-matchy”. Our eyes automatically see varying shades of blue as a seamless landscape; just like being outdoors.


Some of our best selling blue fabrics include performance options from Crypton Home and Revolution. 


We also like animals prints and trending botanicals in blue and of course, velvets!

Blues are gender neutral and appeal to everyone on some level. They remind us of nature and help to create a tranquil environment. Consider deeper shades like navy and indigo to create mystery and drama.

Lighter blues and blue-green fabrics energize and refresh.


As Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman herself said, “Blue is not only the most popular color on the web today, it is also the most popular color on the spectrum internationally. Long associated with the serenity of a clear blue sky, and the cleansing waters of tranquil seas, the human mind embraces the concept of blue as constant, translating it into a symbolic message of dependability and loyalty.”


Classic Blue Fabrics


Don’t reserve classic blue for fabric only. Pantone’s Classic Blue color of the year makes a strong (and livable!) statement on its own; on walls, painted furniture or in artwork.

Create depth and dimension with Naval from Sherwin-Williams or Searching Blue. Shop our large selection of prints in all shades of blue.


Pantone Classic Blue Interior


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