The Lilly Pulitzer name is synonymous with 50 years of success in the fabric and home industry. She got her start in women’s clothing in Palm Beach Florida, and developed something of a cult following as a lifestyle brand. Her fabric patterns are reminiscent of the resort-style living of area, with bright, whimsical colors. The branding seeks to create a laissez-faire lifestyle where vacation, relaxation, and play take place all year.

“Secret? There’s no secret… just have fun,” Lilly said famously. “Don’t worry about every last little thing. Somehow it always works out.”

This fun-loving attitude is prevalent in all her clothing and home decor patterns. She believed strongly that the way we dress, as well as the colors we surround ourselves with, affect our moods. She was known for adorning herself and her home with bright, happy colors. “Life is as good as you make it,” she said.

Free your spirit with Lilly Pulitzer’s home decor collection.

This home decor fabric is sold exclusively through Lee Jofa – a brand owned by Kravet. You can find them in our online store in a number of fun-looking varieties.

Many of the designs have a watercolor look to them, which adds to the casual charm. For a buyer looking for something bold for just the right effect in their space, this is a designer fabric to explore. That thirst for easy living, simple enjoyment, and just being yourself that Lilly embodied for decades is a relatable spirit for many folks. And if that’s you, building a look with this collection can remind you each day you look upon that life is good, and things just work out.