Going Green. When we hear those words, images of recycling day, energy-saving lightbulbs and fashionable, reusable tumblers often come to mind but what about furniture and reupholstery?

With all the strides Americans have made, the majority of recyclable goods still end up in land fills including 11 million tons of fast fashion and throw-away furniture – every year.


In fact, over 40% of our bulk waste is furniture!


Inexpensive furniture from discount and big box stores typically lasts less than 5 years. If you want sofas and chairs with a longer lifespan, it requires investing in either new, high-quality or refurbishing antiques and vintage finds.

Reupholstery. This term can be confusing, frightening or even unknown if you are used to buying new. Let us introduce you to the process. It’s much easier than you think!


  • Almost any piece of furniture covered in fabric can be reupholstered including bench seats, cushions, sofa beds and headboards in addition to any other seating.
  • 1502 Fabrics staff has years of experience in helping customers determine yardage and can suggest the best fabrics for your project. You can even leave paid fabric at the store for the upholster to pick up.
  • 1502 Fabrics offers upholstery & seamstress recommendations based on people we know and use to recover our own furniture.
  • Most upholsteres offer pick-up or delivery services – a great solution for your sectional that could pose a logistical nightmare.
  • Investing for the future now allows you to own quality furniture and instead of tossing every 5 years, have it recovered in something new!
  • Reupholstery supports local businesses and jobs. It’s an investment in the community.


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Imagine taking a family heirloom and picking out exactly what you want – fabric, trim, details such as tufting, contrast welt, etc and speaking with an upholsterer, face to face, working together to create your own piece of customized furniture here, locally.

The cover photo shows a loveseat makeover using one of our favorite cut velvet fabrics from Kate Spade; Mazzy Dot Turquoiseand it comes in two, new fantastic colors this season! Below is the original; a vintage, Victorian piece from Habitat ReStore. While it isn’t perfectly blemish-free, it’s built like a ship to last a lifetime and the delicate Rococo frame will never go out of style.


Sofa Before


Another before and after by one of our recommended upholsters; Bobby Burton, owner of Advance Upholstery.


Before And After Chair


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