Drapery fabric can really complete a room, adding a beautiful finishing touch to the decor you’ve created. As you begin thinking about which types of drapery fabric to use, there are a few decisions you’ll have to make first.

What is the tone of the room?

Is this room more formal or casual?

Velvet and heavier silk work well for formal rooms, and also act as effective insulators for cold windows. Those fabric types tend to be dry clean only, which is something to consider. For easier cleaning options you can also use silky rayon blends or sateen cotton to create a similar look. These options are heavier than other fabrics and have an attractive sheen.

Linens and crushed velvet work for more casual rooms. These fabrics have a lighter feel and don’t carry as serious a look. Cottons also work here, and double as being easy to clean.

Do You Want Your Drapery Fabrics To Blend or Pop?

Depending on the focus of the room, you may be looking to have your drapes blend in with the colors of your walls and upholstery. In other cases, you may want the drapes to be a focal point and contrast with the room.

If you want the drapes to blend, go with a similar color to your walls, but go a few shades darker. It’ll tie in nicely and add subtle class to the room. Another way to do this is to select a non-dominant color, say something from a rug in the room, and use that color in your drapery fabric.

If you want the curtains to pop, use bolder colors than your upholstery. These colors can tie in with other colors in your room, such as using a dark blue on drapes where you’ve used more muted blues elsewhere. Or you can use colors that complement your room while remaining bold. For a blue-tone room, for instance, you can use tans, yellows, or reds. Sometimes even purple goes well with a blue tone.

Braemore’s Drapery Selection

Braemore makes a wonderful variety of drapery fabrics to complete just about any room setup you have. Browse our selection of Braemore drapery fabrics specifically, or visit the drapery fabrics section as a whole for a wider selection of different manufacturers.

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