1502 Fabrics is the go-to source for interior designers and fabric lovers alike but did you know many of our customers also use our fabrics for items other than window treatments and upholstery?

Meet local fashion designers George Hall II of Gezzani Homme and Robert Craig of Robert Craig Designs.

George and Robert are both creative directors specializing in custom apparel. George additionally creates bespoke pillows for the home. We asked each designer a bit about their background and why they love using our fabrics.

Robert Craig Fashions

Robert, how did you get started?


“I started sewing at the age of 15. I had a cousin, who was probably 7 at the time and wanted to get her a birthday gift. Being a teenager without much money, I decided to go to the fabric store in the small town where I lived and just purchased fabric. I later went home, cut out a pattern of comic strip paper and made her a dress…so it was pretty much a God-given gift.”


What inspires your designs and do you have a particular aesthetic you are known for?



“My design is inspired by classic, timeless looks that are never dated. You’ll always be able to go and pull the piece out, made by me years ago, and it will remain relevant in this day and time. Most of my customers like a tailored fit and the use of dramatic fabrics.”



What are your favorite types of fabrics ago work with and are there any particular patterns or colors you gravitate towards?



“I love fabrics that you are not able to find in your basic fabric stores…upholstery fabrics are very vibrant and have different patterns and textures!  Most of my clients prefer unique pieces and want a one of a kind garment.”
Some of Robert Craig’s designs are featured above. Click on the photos to link with him socially.


George, we love your jackets and pillows! How did you get started?


My mom is a seamstress and in high school, I started experimenting with fashion; modifying jerseys and then later in college expanded into apparel design and now oversee all aspects including photography, graphics and media. We have also worked with screen-printing and direct to garment digital prints.


What inspires your design? Do you have a particular aesthetic you are known for and do you follow trends?


In part, I am motivated by trends and while going through the design process, certain aspects of what is “current” may come out. A fabric’s pattern or texture can serve as the springboard for inspiration. Jackets always have our signature purple lining and specialized details. What sets us apart is a focus on quality materials, particularly ones that are unexpected and not something generally found in an apparel-specific fabric store.


Why do you use upholstery fabrics for your jackets and pillows?


Firstly, our customers expect something unique. Our products are not ‘off-the-rack’. We are creating limited edition or one-of-a-kind items and don’t want to see the same fabrics that might show up in any ready-made apparel line. We also prefer to work with locally sourced materials, such as the fabrics offered at 1502.
Gezzani Custom Pillows
Follow Robert Craig at robert_craig_designs_ on Instagram or contact him at robertcraigdesigns@gmail.com
Follow George Hall II at gezzani_lhomme on Instagram or contact him at gezzanistudio@gmail.com

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