Patterns are big in the fall, and this year it’s all about animal prints and big, bold shapes.

Interior designer Erinn Valencich says, “we will be seeing a lot of animal print for the fall, such as golds and rich browns in cheetah prints and tiger stripes.”

Tiger stripe and other similar designs add a fun feeling to any room they adorn. After all, a plain beige wall design might be versatile, but it’s never elicited a strong feeling from anyone walking inside the space. These animal prints give a warm personality to the space, something that is both stylish and inviting.

It’s not surprising that these patterns are so popular with women. Vogue has talked about how leopard print has long been associated with strength and independence as clothing goes, being featured by Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Moss, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton (to name a few).

The warm colors themselves lend a sense of energy, and when they appear in a bold pattern they really say, “This is me.”

If you’re looking to make some changes to your decor this fall, browse our selection of animal print fabric to find a pattern perfect for your new look.