When it comes to getting dressed, we don’t think twice about reaching for black but decorating with black at home can be a bit more challenging and rather easy to shy away from. Sometimes the idea of black can seem imposing – say, for example, a pair of black sofas in the same room – but he color can be used as boldly or as sparingly as comfortable.

And if you think about it, black is actually safe plus it never goes out of style.

It goes with everything and simultaneously highlights special pieces in a room while also making them recede into the background.

Try a low-commitment approach to using black fabrics at home. Below we see dining chairs upholstered in a fantastic crushed velvet..maybe you only use it on the host and hostess chairs!


Black Upholstered Dining Chairs



In case you missed last month’s blog highlighting this year’s furniture market trends, there was an emphasis on the use of black throughout the home.

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Decorating With Black FabricsHigh-shine patent leather and soft, luxe textures like velvet and chenille have been very popular at 1502 Fabrics this year. Shown above are new fabrics from Hamilton, Fabricut, Magnolia as well as hot-selling close-outs (the latter stock limited to while-supplies-last).

Black fabric and home decor accents¬†don’t have to be over the top. Take the room below, for example. Simple and tailored details such as roman shade trim, pin-striped fabric, architectural details and solid, contrasting sofa cushions employee the color in a balanced way.


Decorating With Black Elle Decor


Decorate with black bravely – use it on walls and trim, fully upholstered pieces or take a conservative route through accents and occasional details. Whatever your approach, black is back!

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