Velvet Fabric For The Home

Velvet fabric has always been in style but this year, the home decor trend is really having a moment and it’s easy to see why. Like anything classic and enduring, velvet solves a multitude of design dilemmas; it’s durable, inviting, appropriate for nearly any decor and a tactile dream!

Let’s take a closer look at this wonderful fabric.

Fiber Matters

One of our most-asked questions regarding velvet is the difference between 100% cotton and 100% polyester or poly blend velvets?

Cotton velvet tends to have less sheen than a pure polyester or blended velvet. The fibers are also shorter and this can result in a more casual look with fewer track marks.

This is a favorite among natural fiber fans but is generally the pricier option.

Polyester and rayon or viscose blended velvets have come a long way and can mimic the look of pure cotton velvets. They are super durable and will last for many years in your home.

New polyester velvets have a refined look and are offered in varying degrees of sheen based on your needs.


Staying Power

Why is velvet so durable? It’s short, tight weave means there are no loose threads to snag and fray. The pile is very flat so abrasions are evenly distributed atop the surface area. Most velvet fabric has a high rub count (over 20,000 double rubs) and for residential purposes, this means it will wear a long time.

As an added bonus, velvet’s flat nature makes it super easy to wipe off pet fur!



Velvet Collections

Navy Blue Velvet 

Shades of blue and green have been some of our top sellers this year. Soft, soothing palettes of color inspired by nature.

Gray Velvet

Whether your decor is modern, glam or rustic, gray continues to be a favorite go-to. From deep charcoal to pale dove, this cool neutral is elegant and versatile enough to not go out of style anytime soon.

Contemporary Velvet

With so many stylish options available today, it can be hard to narrow the search. However, if you are not afraid of pattern, a bold cut-velvet will suit you well. Click to shop our newest looks.

Interior Inspiration

Aqua Blue Velvet

Blush Pink Velvet

Pink Velvet

Geometric Velvet

Create Your Own Style

Velvet fabric can be used just about anywhere at home. Don’t shy away from velvet drapery panels or cornices and Roman shades.

Velvet window treatments don’t have to scream medieval castle. Here you can see velvet beautiful drapes and feels fresh, elegant and timeless. 

1502 Fabrics offers hundreds of options on-line and even more in store including mohair close-outs, polyester or cotton blends and luxe cut-velvets.

We are proud to offer velvets from Valdese, Europatex, Fabricut & more!

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