The Revolution Fabric Advantage

Welcome to the future of upholstery fabric.

Revolution Fabric is durable, highly stain resistant, bleach cleanable and versatile enough for any room in your home. Made with an environmentally friendly process that is PFC chemical free, this family ready fabric is perfect for the modern home.

  • Genuine Revolution Performance Fabric Brand
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable, Cleanable, Comfortable
  • Options To Suit Any Room
  • Greenest Upholstery Fabric No PFC chemicals
  • Color Samples Available


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Revolution Performance Fabrics are made of an advanced proprietary technology that naturally resists stains and fading. Color pigments are mixed into the liquid polymer as it becomes yarn and not after the fact, meaning that the yarn itself is the given color and not simply being surface dyed. This means longer lasting colors, unmatched stain resistance and easy to clean. That kind of resilience is perfect for family rooms with kids, pets or anywhere you entertain without concern of spills.

Revolution fabrics can be cleaned with almost any household cleaner—even pure bleach will not damage the fabric. Most stains can be blotted and cleaned with just water, but we recommend mixing some bleach in the solution to kill any bacteria that might grow. Whatever cleaning product you use, it is important to thoroughly rinse the fabric with clean water and allow the fabric to air dry, do not iron or dry with high heat. Do not use aftermarket stain repellent it is not needed.