Revolution Performance Fabrics

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Revolution Performance Fabrics ® are true performance fabrics. Woven with Olefin yarn, the fabrics are virtually unstainable, easy to clean, and extremely durable; yet beautiful and soft while also resistant to fading from the sun. Revolution Performance Fabrics® are made with upcycled fibers and have no chemical treatments making them easy on the environment.

 Cleaning Revolution Performance Fabrics®

Revolution fabrics can be cleaned with almost any household cleaner—even pure bleach will not damage our fabric! Most stains can be blotted and cleaned with just water, but we recommend mixing some bleach in the solution to kill any bacteria that might grow. Whatever cleaning product you use, it is important to thoroughly rinse the fabric with clean water and allow the fabric to dry. For best results, dry with a hair dryer on the lowest heat setting. Revolution Fabrics should be spot cleaned per the cleaning instructions.


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