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Magnolia Fabrics has been serving the design trade for over 30 years. Magnolia offers a product line consisting of designer upholstery and drapery fabrics at a great value.

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  • albion gold magnolia fabrics

    Albion Gold Magnolia Fabrics

  • amisha climate magnolia fabric

    Amisha Climate Magnolia Fabric

  • bahn gray magnolia fabric

    Bahn Gray Magnolia Fabric

  • banus nickelvein magnolia fabrics

    Banus Nickelvein Fabric By Magnolia

  • bello gulf magnolia fabric

    Bello Gulf Magnolia Fabric

  • bickle rose fabric by magnolia

    Bickle Rose Fabric By Magnolia

  • bickle sky by magnolia fabrics

    Bickle Sky Fabric By Magnolia

  • blanton spa magnolia fabric

    Blanton Spa Magnolia Fabric

  • bob poseidon fabric by magnolia main

    Bob Poseidon Fabric By Magnolia

  • bob sandnsea fabric by magnolia main

    Bob Sandnsea Fabric By Magnolia

  • bohow canyon by magnolia fabrics

    Bohow Canyon By Magnolia Fabrics

  • bohow shoji by magnolia fabrics

    Bohow Shoji By Magnolia Fabrics

  • borsica frost magnolia fabric

    Borsica Frost Magnolia Fabric

  • cameroon hamadan by magnolia fabrics

    Cameroon Hamadan By Magnolia Fabrics

  • cameroon herat by magnolia fabrics

    Cameroon Herat By Magnolia Fabrics

  • cameroon shiraz by magnolia fabrics

    Cameroon Shiraz By Magnolia Fabrics

  • cameroon traditional by magnolia fabrics

    Cameroon Traditional By Magnolia Fabrics

  • carbosa rainbow by magnolia fabrics

    Carbosa Rainbow By Magnolia Fabrics

  • cherica charlite by magnolia fabrics

    Cherica Charlite Fabric By Magnolia

  • cherica dune by magnolia fabrics

    Cherica Dune Fabric By Magnolia

  • cherica fog by magnolia fabrics

    Cherica Fog Fabric By Magnolia

  • cherica persimmon fabric by magnolia

    Cherica Persimmon Fabric By Magnolia

  • cherica sky magnolia fabrics

    Cherica Sky Fabric By Magnolia

  • chuck blush fabric by magnolia

    Chuck Blush Fabric By Magnolia