1502 Fabrics is proud to carry this new line of fabric for its fun yet accessible aesthetic. Especially this time of year, the festive patterns really create an inviting look for friends and family, and give a sense of warmth to any space.

Many of these patterns make great accent pieces.

Here are two of our bestselling varieties:

A History Of Kelly Ripa Fabric – About

Jo-Ann Fabrics partnered with Kelly Ripa in 2016, citing her as an inspiration to design in the industry. The pairing quickly produced over 30 varieties of fabric inspired by everyday imagery. Ripa’s sunny disposition is reflected in the fabric, aiming to create a positive vibe to homes adorned with it. This was a significant move for the fabric manufacturing giant — and for Ripa.

“This collection is about versatile patterns that change up a space effortlessly for any home in bloom,” Ripa says (Business Wire).

Kelly Ripa has hosted the successful talk show program “LIVE With Kelly” for over 15 years, which has earned her numerous awards and Daytime Emmys. This incredible track record has made her a household name.

That makes the ability to own household fabric bearing the name and feel a boon for any fan.