Think You Know Performance Fabric? Check Out Bella-Dura

What is Bella-Dura?

Bella-Dura is a 100% American-made technical fabric, woven using a proprietary polyolefin fiber that results in durable, bleach cleanable and recyclable contract-grade textiles.

Bella-Dura is designed to provide the ultimate performance required for any environment—contract to residential, indoor or out.

Solution Dyed
Bella-Dura is solution dyed, meaning color is integrated into the very fiber. This allows fade resistance even with heavy cleaning.

Exceptionally Durable
Bella-Dura fabrics are highly resistant to pilling. Tested to the strictest contract abrasion standards, Bella- Dura proprietary yarns perform well beyond expectations and requirements. Every time.

Bleach Cleanable
Bella-Dura is simple to clean but so tough, they are bleach-cleanable—a crucial detail when regular disinfecting is of the utmost importance.

Anti Microbial
Bella-Dura yarns are infused with silver ion technology which makes them inherently resistant to stains and microbes, and prevents the growth of mildew on the fabric.

UV Resistant
Bella-Dura solution dyed yarns meet or exceed 1500 lightfast hours and will resist fading,even when exposed to hot sun or dry temperatures.

Bella-Dura fabrics are 100% recyclable, beginning as a by-product and ending as a usable product for the manufacturing of many common goods.

Cradle to Cradle Certified
Bella-Dura fabrics finished with Greenshield have achieved Silver certification are classified as “preferred products” by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry).

Bella-Dura fabrics come with a warranty of five years for residential applications or three years for commercial applications.

Messes and Spills Are No Match for Bella-Dura.

Because Bella-Dura fabrics are made with solution-dyed yarns, and its inherent stain resistance will never wear off, cleaning Bella-Dura is easy and safe — even with bleach. However, a mild soap-and-water solution is all that is required for most spills.

Bella Dura Kids

Quick and Easy Cleaning Method

1. Apply a cleaning solution of 1 part soap to 10 parts water to the fabric.
2. Rinse with clear water to remove any soapy residue*.
3. Blot with a clean, dry cloth and allow time to air dry.
4. Repeat as necessary until the stain is gone.

Some stubborn stains may require light agitation with an upholstery cleaning brush or toothbrush. Never use stiff bristles or wire brushes, as they may damage the fabric. To prevent soil build-up, frequent vacuuming is recommended.

*Remember to always rinse with clear water to remove all soap residue. Remaining residue attracts dirt, so if proper rinsing has not occurred, fabrics will get soiled again much more quickly.