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You don’t have to sacrifice design or comfort for functionality. 

About Al Fresco Fabrics: “In 1989, Howard began converting a program of cotton checks and plaids, which was the beginning of the business known today as Altizer & Co. Decorative Textiles.  Over the next decade this business flourished as the finest decorative fabrics, and trims from across the globe were added to the collection. In 2001, the group determined that there was an untapped market in a more decorative, colorful, and less widely distributed fabrics geared toward the outdoor market, yet functional enough to be used comfortably indoors as well.  This was the beginning of the Al Fresco Functional Fabrics collection that is currently distributed along with the Altizer & Co. collection to the finest manufacturers, jobbers, and retail stores all over the world.”


Comparison of solution dyed fibers.


You are probably asking yourself, what exactly is solution-dyed polyester?

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that begins as a melted polymer (liquid form). In the solution-dyeing process of polyester, colors are added during the liquid stage, before being cooled then woven into synthetic fibers.

Color goes completely through the fiber and isn’t merely applied to the material’s surface, the fabric retains its properties more than a stock-dyed fabric would when exposed to intense sunlight and air pollutants.

The more expensive process gives the material the highest rating of performance in fade and stain resistance, in addition to overall durability.


Do you want to conceive a clean, simple aesthetic? Try outdoor performance fabrics, in solid colors, to create cushions or pillows in either a monochromatic look or using several colors together. If you have a fear of pattern commitment, solids are a great foundation to build a design upon. Think of solid fabrics as your wardrobe basics; the classic pieces upon which to add fashionable accessories such as trendy fabric prints or details like contrast welt or decorative trims.


Photo of neutral fabrics.

Neutral fabrics from Al Fresco


1502 Fabrics recommends Al Fresco solid patterns such as Cutter or Cruise in a myriad of blues; from sky to turquoise and navy helping you recreate the look below. Coordinate with their fresh, modern neutrals and chic cabana stripes. Photo of living room.

Al Fresco Fabrics pride themselves on offering the highest quality – the most sophisticated, eclectic, and colorful outdoor fabrics to customers.  Their “fade-resistant” polyester functions conveniently with your lifestyle. Read more about specific cleaning instructions…