For a long time finding a fabric that was both durable and soft to the touch felt like a big ask. In recent years, though, fabric manufacturers like Richloom have upped the ante with solution-dyed acrylics.

The process of solution-dyed acrylics dyes the material before it becomes yarn. This allows the color to set more thoroughly into the fabric, so it will withstand daily wear and tear much longer than traditional dye methods. This is especially important for outdoor use, since both weather and subsequent fabric cleaning can fade colors.

Another advantage of using acrylic fabric like this is its natural stain and mildew resistance. For outdoor entertaining this is a big one — you never know when someone will spill a drink or drop some food on outdoor furniture, and the last thing you want is a material that soaks it right up. That and, as mold goes, nothing ruins a color more quickly or permanently than mold stains. Those can discolor the material more than regular stains, and are difficult to remove.

Though it’s a good habit to keep any outdoor fabrics put up when you’re not using them, it’s still some additional peace of mind to know that if you forget and leave them out during rainy weather the fabrics can take it.

Indoor and Outdoor Fabric Uses

Buying a fabric that works equally well indoors and outdoors makes coordinating furniture between decks and patios a cinch.

If you’re going to use Richloom’s Fortress Acrylics outdoors, you should know that…

  • It meets all industry requirements for outdoor uses
  • It features a top notch hand for outdoor fabric
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Tough enough to use around pools, backyards, or your front porch

For indoor spaces, Fortress Acrylics are…

  • Bleach cleanable for any stains that set
  • Soft & luxurious hand
  • Pet and environment friendly
  • Fade resistant for sunrooms

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