Choosing fabrics can be tough since every type is different in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and cleaning. Fabric manufacturers are always looking for ways to solve these problems, and most recently that appears in the form of Revolution Performance Fabrics.

Revolution Performance Fabrics are different from the ground up. Made of different materials than your typical upholstery or drapery fabric, they are easier to clean (and keep clean) and are also simpler to produce.

In the case of Revolution’s new line of performance fabrics, the yarns used in the fabrics actually repel stains. Moisture wicks off the material, and makes it much more stain-resistant without the need for added chemical treatments. In traditional fabrics, stain and water-resistant qualities come at the expense of having to treat the fabric with chemicals. It’s not just a less green way to produce fabric, but also a more expensive one.

Revolution Performance Fabric is certainly more durable, easy to clean and can last longer than traditional fabrics, but still benefits from thoughtful care.Revolution Performance Fabrics Furniture