As we get into the full swing of fall, it’s time to let those autumn colors shine! We have a variety of fun designs we mentioned recently, but a few in particular we’d love to call out include:

Brian Patrick of Decor Demon points out that autumn colors are often more about “the use of texture and shape rather than color and contrast.” This is an intriguing departure from other times of year where bold solids make the space.

Contrast is important to bear in mind generally speaking when you’re choosing colors. But sometimes it can create just as dramatic a look to use similar extremes. For instance, using parchment colors with sheer white can really set off the room with a fresh, eye-catching look. You can do this with other pairings like white and silver for an almost storybook-style appearance.

If you’re into patters like we talked about in our last post, it can be fun to combine bold colors for a space full of flair. With strong carpeting colors with dark blue patterns, for instance, you could balance a rose colored accent wall with black and red throws on your furniture.

The trick is creating a rhythm throughout the room and making sure the colors connect to each other,” says designer Ana Donohue. When in doubt, you can look to both the walls and your smaller furnishings for color ideas.

We encourage you to browse our online fabric store for ideas. And of course if you’re in the High Point or Winston Salem, NC areas and want to stop by for hands-on advice, we’re happy to take you through our showrooms.

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