Cotton, polyester, linen, oh my! When it comes to upholstery fabric, there is more to consider than simply color and pattern. Each fabric material has a unique set of characteristics, making some more favorable than others. Before purchasing any old fabric, keep these common characteristics in mind:

For those with sensitive skin

Whether you’re re-upholstering a sofa or designing a dress, you should consider materials that are breathable, light, and hypoallergenic. The natural properties of linen make it an ideal choice for those with sensitive allergies or very sensitive skin. Cotton is another naturally breathable fabric that is absorbent and cool and that won’t likely cause itchy skin or watery eyes.

For those looking for comfort and durability

If you’re looking for a fabric that can withstand a bit of wear a tear, wool is a great way to go. This durable fabric provides warmth in the colder months, while wicking away moisture in the warmer months. This thick fabric is also wrinkle-resistant and is light in weight, making it ideal for blankets, carpets, and clothing.

For those looking for outdoor performance

Patio furniture and outdoor décor require fabric that will withstand the strong rays of the sun as well as rain or wind. Polyester is perhaps the most ideal of fabrics utilized outdoors, offering strength and durability. Outdoor performance fabrics won’t easily fade in the sun and won’t be prone to wear and tear of unexpected weather.

By keeping these thoughts in mind, you’ll be on your way to a fabric that you love and that last for years to come!