If you’re shopping for drapery fabric you probably already see the value in a custom setup over using ready-made drapes. But particularly if you aren’t an interior designer, it can be tough to know what things to keep in mind.

Custom Drapery Fabric Makes It Easier To Create The Perfect Look

Marni Jameson points out that drapes should be wide as well as long. Sure, you want them long enough to cover the entire window top to bottom, but it’s just as important that the drapery fabric extends horizontally beyond the window (4-8 inches). “Drapes should be able to cover the window when pulled closed, even if you never close them,” she says. This is one of the advantages of custom drapes with fabric patterns rather than ready-made drapes from department stores.

Heft is another factor she points out that folks often forget. Sometimes you want a light material to give the room an airy look. But the rest of the time, for drapes that actually need to block out light, finding drapery fabric with a heavy lining is important. Too much bulk, however, can create challenges of its own.

“If they’re too heavy, they may not fold crisply when drawn; too light and they may not fall well,” says¬†Suysel DePedro Cunningham, designer from Tilton Fenwick. Designers like Cunningham also recommend using large sample sizes, preferably two yards or more. Otherwise, they point out, you may not be able to appreciate the fabric’s proper drape when it hangs.

Finally, the detail in the patterns is a consideration. “Custom drape should have three elements: a lead fabric, an accent fabric and trim,” Jameson continues. “Such details are the hallmark of custom.” For drapery fabric that really sets off the room rather than simply serving a function, this is where to put some focus.

Silks and linens hang nicely in most types of rooms, and faux-silk can add some extra durability if that’s a concern. Interlining can help drapery fabric last longer, also. Using a piece of fabric between the face fabric and the regular lining can strengthen thinner fabrics. In the case of silks, doing this also prevents rotting.

Ready-made drapes obviously have the advantage of simplicity. You can buy something that looks nice and hang it right away, but most retail fabric stores have a limited selection and it can be difficult to customize by size.

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