As we go full swing into the holiday season it’s time to talk fabric! You might know a certain someone looking to make some improvements to their living space, but maybe they’ve never considered how significantly a new set of drapes could change the look, for instance.

Heavy striped patterns are chic, and can add a modern feel to an otherwise bland room. White or off-white walls really benefit here, but you can create some cool contrast with any fabric design. Using a big, bold color on the sofa pairs really well with curtain patterns, for example. Suppose you went with a gold colored drapery pattern that, against a window, really created a warm and cheery effect. A dark blue sofa would really set that off, and it’d be a rather striking room to walk into.

You can buy that kind of fabric online easy, here.

But beyond decorations alone…

How can I use fabric for holiday gifts?

Decorative throw pillows, blankets, and the like make for a great start. But even if that special someone isn’t interested in those, here are a few other fun ideas that you probably haven’t thought of.

This is a nice accompaniment to other gifts, and adds a dramatic personal touch friends and family will love. You can use a wide variety of fabric patterns on this one, which makes it work with almost any gift design you’re giving. From dark to bright, from serious to playful, you’ll be able to create the perfect first impression for whatever lies beneath your special wrapping.

Another popular tradition around Christmas time is to exchange ornaments (much like cookies or books). Now there are some beautiful ornaments for purchase out there, but if you’re looking for something a bit more personal this year, here’s another great idea:

We have a great selection of floral patterns in holiday colors that would be perfect for this kind of project. It’s a time investment, but it’s a timeless and heartfelt gift that will make the recipient think of you for years to come every time they take it out to hang it on their tree.

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